Miss Jellyfish

Welcome to MISS JELLYFISH Online Mini Academy!

Hello, my name is Iyvone Khoo, bilingual in English and Mandarin. I am a multimedia artist, an educator with over eight years of Technical Teaching experience in Higher Education.

Before setting up MISS JELLYFISH online, I served as a Specialist Technician and progressed to an Associate Lecturer at the University of Arts London (Fashion Visual Merchandising and Branding).

I facilitate Digital and Physical workshops drawing from my art-making experience. - Meaning that I support students in the realisation of their ideas in both Digital and Physical making processes. 

I helped students towards their Final Major Projects in SketchUp, V-Ray, Video Mapping, Adobe suite and Portfolio Preparation.

These online courses are geared to help you learn software while working on your project, assignments or portfolio.

Get in touch to discuss your learning requirements.

I offer Bespoke Live One to One training. 

Check out my website www.iyvonekhoo.co.uk

Past Student Reviews


Some students think that I am "patient and funny", I like to think that I am result-driven, goal-oriented, curious and take pride in my job.

"Iyvone is a brilliant person to work with. I would recommend her to everyone that needs help with a projection technician, SketchUp or Adobe package. She is very helpful, competent and a perfectionist. It was such a pleasure to work on my project with her."

Martina Ragnoni

"Worked with Iyvone during my final year at London College of Fashion doing Sketch-up and rendering. Iyvone has not only incredible technical skills in rendering, creative suite and sketch-up

(to name a few) but made learning these remarkably easy. I especially love how Iyvone adapted each class to fit different students needs and goals, meaning that students got the very most out of every class and those one-to-one sessions were easy to book - Iyvone even made sure she was available during the COVID pandemic to have Teams meetings. Thank you for everything!"- Lauren Gracey

"I had the pleasure of working with Iyvone during my final year at the London College of Fashion. She was my specialist tech lecturer and she was a key role in helping me finalising my installation for my graduation show. She is a driven, patient and reliable tutor with a demonstrated background in video editing, video production, 3D visualisation and video mapping, as well as handcraft model making and media artist. She has a unique teaching method tailored around the students' capabilities and skills, which I found extremely helpful in meeting my needs and goals. In addition to her professional skills and knowledge, she has a wonderful personality and she has the ability to connect with all kind of people, especially students. I would strongly recommend her !!!" - Giuseppe Ganduscio

“Absolutely as you can see the difference between the project outcomes.

I also learnt how to use CLO3D, SketchUp and Fredotools.” - Georgina Snape

“I was introduced to software I have never used before such as (Touch Designer, Mad mapper)

as well as software I have known about but never used such as (Adobe Premiere and After Effects).

I am now able to create Motion or Sound responsive visuals to incorporate in digital 3D models.” - Ammar Alsaker

“Yes, I learned that little things that I wanted to ignore are very important in delivering a high-quality product. I learned that V-Ray can significantly improve the aspect of my final work.” - Rhianna Mounsey

“Yes! it helped use the programmes I hadn't before.

The recordings of our sessions were especially useful!  - Indi Smith


“Definitely, I was a bit intimidated by the After Effects software at first, but going through it with someone else first was massively helpful and made it easier to fully understand the platform.”

“Yes, these sessions always help improve my skills I have learned different SketchUp plugin and also

V-Ray rendering skills.” - Ding WenJun 

“ Yes, digital support is really important and useful to me. I don’t like to watch the tutorial video online, and I need the tutor to help me through the software so that I can concentrate more." 

- Rebecka Thoren