SketchUp with Miss Jellyfish

My goals as

an educator

Provide Simple, Effective and Bespoke

LIVE online sessions.

Help students to visualise and to express their concepts using digital tools.

Learning, Growing and Achieving together.

Online support for your projects.

Utilise a combination of software to create professional visuals and portfolios.

• SketchUp

• VRay

• Adobe Premier

• After Effects

• University Admission Portfolio Consultation

Ala Carte Sessions

One to One Learning Menu
​Draw a floor plan to scale
  • Understanding Plans and Scale from Plan Drawing

  • Creating a Floor Plan

  • Layout of Space

  • Top Elevation, Front, Left, Right, Back

  • Section Plane, dimension

  • Software Interface, Tool Box and Menu

  • Exercise project - Draw a 2D Top elevation plan

  • Exercise project - Specify dimension on plan using "Layout" 

Number of Hours: 3 hours

Lesson: 2 x 1.5 hour session

   Convert 2D Plan to 3D 
  • Tools In Detail; Follow Me; Scale; Move; Copy; Push 

  • Modelling with Simple Shapes

  • Using Curve Extensions

  • Making Components

  • Shapes / Segment / Soften Edges

  • Layers

  • Entity Info

  • Measurements

  • Exercise project - Draw a room from plan 

Number of Hours: 3 hours

Lesson: 2 x 1.5 session

Modelling interior fixtures
  • Draw 3D fixtures

  • Download and Install Extensions

  • Windows & Glass Extension

  • Doors

  • Staircases

  • Bending objects

  • Exercise project - Model a Window Display for a store

Number of Hours: 4 hours

Lesson: 4 x 1 hour session

Modelling Organic Shapes
  • Modelling with Top 10 Extensions

  • Modelling Curves; Joint Push Pull

  • Modelling Organic shapes

  • Exercise project - create a model from concept

Number of Hours: 6 hours

Lesson: 4 x 1.5 hour session

Materials and Texturing in SketchUp
  • Materials, edit texture properties

  • Materials application on Flat Surfaces

  • Photo textures 

  • Creating own Seamless Texture 

  • Paint Thru Plug-in, UV Mapping

  • Applying Textures to Curve Surfaces 

  • Exercise project -  Texturing on multiple objects

Number of Hours: 3 hours

Lesson: 3 x 1 hour session

Vray Lighting and Realistic Render
  • Vray Materials application

  • Vray Lighting, scaling, position, intensity

  • Light Emitting Material Textures

  • Interactive Render 

  • Render Output Settings

  • Exporting Stills

  • Exercise project -  Texturing and Rendering model

  • Exercise project -  Lighting and Rendering model

Number of Hours: 4 hours

Lesson: 4 x 1 hour session